Top 10 wheel chocks.

LaB presents the 10 best wheel chocks. Let’s get started with the list.

Starting of our list at number 10, because they’re so compact. They would make good companions to an automotive emergency preparedness kit. That dropped forged and heat treated and able to stand up to the heft of small vehicles during roadside repairs a very portable and way very little and measure under 4 inches wide and 6 tall. However they are unsuitable for large trucks and RVs.

rubber wheel

At number 9 the popular pack is great for keeping a trailer from rolling away while you’re sleeping in it, loading it or just leaving it parked. It works with tires of up to 26 inch diameter and it’s lightweight makes it easy to pack for a trip. These come in at a very affordable price in a high visibility yellow color but note that they are for use on level surfaces only.

rubber wheel 9 rubber wheel 9 rubber wheel 9

Coming in at number eight on our list.
Made of durable UV resistant materials at the 7 inch wide are a reliable choice for immobilizing campers and trailers. Like many quality rubber items they might smell bad straight down to the factory but after a few days in the garage the odor will go away. These have a bolts to connect a chain and are sold in a pack up to. However they may get crushed if used on inclines.

rubber wheel 8 rubber wheel 8

At number 7 the sleek all-metal chocks are designed to stabilize campus, horse trailers, fifth wheels or other items that used tandem axles. They can be secured with a shank style padlock and there’s an available extension bar for use with wheels. That are over two feet apart. These do offer a simple one-step operation and extend from 16 to 20 inches but note that they’re not suitable for water repairs.

rubber wheel 7

Moving up our list at number six.
Sold in pairs the rubber will keep your vehicle safely in place whether it’s parked on a smooth concrete floor in the pit before a race or at a campsite overnight. They won’t slip or slide due to tuff ridges on both the tops and bottoms. They won’t lose traction when oily either and a stable even on gravel and dirt. However they are sometimes difficult to remove. 

rubber wheel 6 rubber wheel 6 rubber wheel 6

I’ll free up a list at number five.
Weighing in at ten pounds with a respectable 10 inch by eight inch base.They adds peace of mind by ensuring your trailer will stay in one spot. While it is simple and functional its bold appearance wouldn’t be out of place at an auto or RV show. The steel handle allows for easy positioning and is resistant to the elements.

rubber wheel 5 rubber wheel 5

Let’s take a brake and watch a short video about testing wheel chocks.

At number four if you need a good pair for use in your garage is a good choice. They offer superior anti slip qualities even when dirty with oil or other fluids and a perfect for used by mechanics in their shops offer DIY auto repairs at home. They’ve got built-in handles on the backs and a both abrasion and dry rot resistant. However they do emit a strong odor when new. 

rubber wheel 4 rubber wheel 4

Nearing the top of our list at number three. Molded into the high-impact plastic of the Tri links chalk art doc is a convenient depression that allows it to double as a base on which to arrest the wheel shaft supporting your trailers tongue. Just remember the buy as many as you need as it’s sold singly. It’s lightweight and easily portable and works with links leveling systems. It’s great for small boats and trailer. 

rubber wheel 3 rubber wheel 3 rubber wheel 3

At number two built of high-impact materials with little to no odor. They are a reliable way to keep vehicles from moving out of place. They have ridges on the top and bottom to provide friction and handles on the back for easy removal. These are made in the USA and covered by a lifetime guarantee they’re relatively affordable to.

rubber wheel 2 rubber wheel 2

And coming in at number 1 on our list.Comprised of multiple layers of high strength or rubber the super heavy-duty rubber wheel chocks. Is suitable for helping secure the heaviest trucks boats and even beat rakes. A hefty 12 pound weight ensures that this choice will stabilize any vehicles safely. It won’t corrode or fall apart and works with almost any size of tire. It measures just over seven inches wide. 

rubber wheel 1 rubber wheel

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